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Grow your business by joining our network of 350 businesses in the Perkiomen Valley.

By joining the Perkiomen Valley Chamber of Commerce, you will be a member of the premier networking organization in the region.   Gain access to business resources and a member referral network to help grow your business.  Get started today…Connect, Access, Network and Succeed!   Here are just a few of the many reasons to join the Perkiomen Valley Chamber of Commerce:

1. Visibility.   PV Chamber members are listed in the directory of the Chamber website.  In addition, new members are recognized at the Chamber’s Annual Meeting, Holiday Party New Member Orientation, weekly e-blasts and Chamber newsletter.  Attendance at Chamber events will increase your visibility and connections to potential prospects.   Boost your brand presence by taking advantage of sponsorship and advertising opportunities.

2. Access.  When you join a chamber and actively get involved, you’ll discover that meeting prospects who can refer you to the key contacts you’re trying to reach is a huge benefit of membership. You’ll soon find yourself in situations where you can identify and meet decision-makers face-to-face.  Your membership give you access to “member-only” events.

3. Ongoing training and education.   The Chamber brings you timely programs at affordable prices.   The Chamber can stretch your budget, bringing you local, regional and nationally recognized experts on different topics.  Business Owners Roundtable Series, Leadership Series, Monthly Luncheon and special events are just a few of the many training programs available to our Chamber members.

4. Networking.  From seminars, leads groups and luncheons to business expos and various business and community committees, there’s absolutely no excuse for not being able to meet new contacts, referrals and people who can help you with ideas and additional ways to grow your business. The old adage “out of sight, out of mind,” is so true in networking. In addition, doing business with fellow members who offer wonderful products, services, and ideas is also a big plus.

5. Sponsorship and advertising opportunities. As far as visibility at the local level, a chamber offers a wide range of free or affordable effective advertising options and sponsorship packages for just about every business or nonprofit, regardless of how big or small their budget may be. This is a wonderful way to hold your marketing dollars accountable and see them working hard right before your eyes.

6. Advocacy. A chamber functions as a storehouse of information on current business trends and public policies.  What happens to your local employees and customers does have an impact on your business, even if you’re a national chain.  Chambers promote the local economic development, encouraging businesses and community members to “Shop Local”.

7. Exclusive Cost-Saving Discounts.  Through the generosity of Affinity partners, PV Chamber members are entitled to exclusive cost savings programs and offers in the areas of energy, telecommunications and prescription drugs.  Additionally, many of our members offer member-to-member discounts.  (noted by * in member directory).

8.  Community Involvement.  Many of our members appreciate the opportunity to get involved in their community.  When you join a committee, you experience the joys of working alongside other local business people to make an impact on the region’s economy, schools, infrastructure and overall quality of life.

9.  Business Referrals.  The Chamber receives inquiries on where to locate suppliers of particular products or services.  Our policy is to only refer Chamber members in response to these contacts.  Join today to be “referred”!

The Value of a Chamber of Commerce Membership
A recent study commissioned by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives with support from Small Business Network, Inc. researched the real value to companies in terms of consumer outcomes of joining and being active in their local chamber of commerce.  Below are a few of the favorable results:

When consumers know that a restaurant franchise is a member of the chamber of commerce, they are 50% more likely to eat at the franchise more often; 25% more likely to think favorably of the franchise; and 40% more likely to eat at the franchise in the next few months.

When consumers know that an insurance company is a member of the chamber of commerce, they are 39% more likely to know a lot about the company; and they are 43% more likely to consider buying insurance from it.

Impact on small business –  When consumers know that a small business is a member of its local chamber, the business enjoys a 44% increase in its consumer favorability rating, a 51% increase in consumer
awareness, a 57% increase in its local reputation, and a 63% increase in the likelihood that consumers will patronize the business in the future.

To view the complete report:

Annual investment for a business with 1-5 employees starts at just $215.
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